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Evaluating Packaging Projects from a Bird's Eye View

Choosing the right SKU means weighing the pros and cons of many similar options.

At CUSTOMPACKCO, we evaluate FIVE components of packaging that must be balanced by our clients in order to choose an appropriate solution for their projects.

1) Material Composition

The most basic two questions that must be answered while developing packaging are:

What is going inside? -and-

What is the packaging made of?

Answering these two questions early on substantially narrows the focus of development.

2) Price / Quantity

Cost is generally the #1 limiting factor in a project. The quantity ordered is generally the #1 factor dictating price. By understanding not only a specific order's budget and quantity, but also the forecast for the next 12-18 months, our team can leverage raw materials and bulk shipping to get you the best prices.

3) Sustainability

Each custom has to decide how important sustainability is to them. Like many things in life, it is a sliding scale, with a lot of grey. From recyclable to home compostable, post-consumer recycled to plant based, there are many products and terms thrown around to offer a 'Sustainable Stamp of Approval' on cannabis goods. We can help wade through the BS and help you engineer both products and programs that are truly environmentally conscious.

4) Dependability

We use this term to describe how simple and fast it is to use a specific packaging solution to bring product to market. Does it need to travel overseas and go through customs? Does it require multiple components from several manufacturers? How fast is its turn time? Are there multiple manufacturers who can make it? The answers to these questions will tell you how much you can depend on your packaging being there when you need it.

5) Efficiency

The overall efficiency of packaging is measured in three ways

a) how many touches are required to pack the product into it,

b) how much space it takes up in storage and once filled,

c) how versatile it is (can the packaging be used for multiple SKUs or uses)

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