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Growing Good Weed Is Not a Business Plan

Differentiation and Market Placement are Key to Long Term Survival

If you are a cultivator, or looking to get in the business, I want to tell you a hard truth: GROWING 'TOP SHELF' WEED IS NOT A BUSINESS PLAN. (neither is making 'The Best' Rosin or 'The Best' Diamonds - those are commodities too...)

If I see the words 'Hand-Crafted' or 'High Quality' on a pitch deck, website, or packaging - I cringe. It's simply not enough to differentiate a) their brand or b) the commodity they sell.

Yes, growing the fire helps, a lot. But again, it's simply not enough.

At a bare minimum, you need a brand, a logo, mylars, and an IG....

But again, unless you have a deep following and fat network, it's probably not enough.

Your brand needs to do or represent something authentically unique (grow uniquely, do uniquely, align uniquely, package/present uniquely). You need to connect with your customers, and your customers' customers.

You need a well thought out catalog of products, and those products need to be unique. (At least 1 of them for sure). You need to make your brand a cornerstone of every dispensary to really make it long term. Be the Funions of weed. There is only one Funions.

Working hard and doing both of these things well will almost always guarantee you success in any industry.

However, in a commodity market, like cannabis, doing both is essential.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at to talk branding, SKU planning, or product development.

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