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The Next Step For PMCSC: Cannabis Processing & Co-Packing

Announcing the Launch of Our State-of-the-Art Facility in Northern Michigan

Our 6,500sqft facility will be the first in Michigan with ISO7 Clean Rooms for co-packing & edible production.

I’ve been working in the cannabis industry for almost as long as I have been a regular consumer of the plant. I moved to Humboldt County, California at the age of 20, and dove head first into the culture and business that dominated the area. While working on my Botany degree at Humboldt State, I worked on various farms, first as a laborer, then a trimmer, then as a head cultivator for a 1000 plant medical grow (at the time, that was still pretty big). My partner in PMCSC, Ben (who was studying bio/horticulture at Michigan State), actually moved out West and worked alongside me on a few of these grows.

When we left Humboldt, cannabis legality was in a constant state of flux, but more importantly, we were simply burnt out on weed. So, we focused our energies on growing our event merchandise business instead, and worked to expand our network in manufacturing and the entertainment industry. From 2014–2018, our business shifted from apparel and accessories, to promotional products, to a variety of ‘retail-ready’ packaged products. Likewise, our manufacturing portfolio grew to encompass a much wider range of packaging suppliers.

At the same time, the cannabis industry was booming, and a greater number of states were participating in some form of legalization. With a better understanding of the packaging market, and more confidence in the stability of the cannabis industry , we made the decision to move our base of operations to Los Angeles, with the intention of making cannabis packaging the linchpin of our future operations. I spent six months in Asia, working to refine our workflow and QC procedures with our overseas staff and new manufacturing partners there. More recently, we built distributor relationships with some of the largest manufacturers of sustainable and biodegradable packaging in the United States.

This pivot from promotional products to packaging was truly our saving grace as COVID wiped out almost all of our promo revenue in 2020 (most of which came from large events and sports leagues). It also pushed us out of California, and back home to Michigan. Despite our shift, we still offer promo products to our cannabis clients, and use our existing network and revenue streams as a support structure for new endeavors.

We believe that high volume, automated packing, done in a lab-grade environment, is the future of cannabis.

In very much the same manner as the change of direction to include packaging alongside our other products, we have once again expanded our offerings to provide a fully turnkey experience for our cannabis clients.

In addition to promotional products, packaging, and protective equipment, PMCSC is nearing the completion of Phase 1 of construction on its new cannabis processing facility, The Rosin Lab (, which will allow us to offer co-packing and white-label services to cultivators and dispensaries in the Michigan medical and recreational markets. While The Rosin Lab will offer extremely limited releases from it’s in-house line, our focus will be supporting our partners with a service based model that enables them to focus on their core business (either cultivation or retail sales) while we handle the nitty-gritty of taking a product from its raw form to store shelves.

The Rosin Lab Processing Lab offers the following services to our clients:

  • Bulk Co-Packing & Labeling

  • Hand & Machine Trimming

  • Hand & Machine Rolling

  • Infused & Specialty Rolling

  • Solventless Extraction

  • Cartridge Filling

  • Edible Production

We realize that managing production for other people’s products is a huge responsibility, so we have taken measures above and beyond industry standards to maintain the highest quality control standards. Additionally, we aim to be an industry leader in promoting environmentally friendly products and procedures. Here’s what makes The Rosin Lab different:

We package our rosin under ISO Level 5 clean hoods, with the same air quality standards used for manufacturing nano tech medical devices and pharmaceutical compounds.

  1. We exclusively use solventless extraction techniques. This produces a cleaner, safer product, made without the need of petroleum products like butane. Solventless products also command higher retail prices, and are favored by eco-conscious and connoisseur consumer bases.

  2. We employ industry leading handling standards. In addition to packing our rosin under ISO Level 5 clean hoods (the same standard used for manufacturing medical devices and pharmaceutical compounds), our entire bulk packing room and edible lab will be outfitted for ISO Level 7 air quality. All bulk product is stored in food grade containers, and processed on NSF Certified steel surfaces with FDA & Kosher Certified parchment paper.

  3. We offer craft and industrial production. We’ve built solutions for both ‘boutique quality’ and ‘high-volume’ operations. Hand trimming, rolling, and packing teams are deployed alongside automated versions of each. We can also develop tailored approaches for each of our clients to match their quality standards, including the production of highly specialized infused products.

With just a couple months until our scheduled Phase 1 launch, looking back over the last 18 months or so reminds me of just how much work it took to take the project from business to where it is now. Months and months of general planning, state pre-licensing, real estate acquisition, local licensing, architectural and engineering, Phase 1 build out and installs, and now our state inspections have brought us to what feels like the beginning of a huge leap for our company.

It also seems like a culmination of Ben’s and my own work since we started hustling in the Northern California mountains 10+ years ago.

The Phase 1 Buildout of the temporary processing lab in our West Building is nearly complete.

As always, feel free to reach out to me at or via Instagram @natesaysdoless.

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