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Four Simple Rules: Make Your Packaging Work for You After the Sale

The CUSTOMPACK CO. ( team specializes in creating enhanced packaging, which not only attracts potential customers, but also amplifies your marketing efforts after the point for sale. This means using your packaging to maintain communication with your customers, increase brand loyalty, or augment the user experience.

Remember, your packaging may be your only mode of communication with a new customer. Make sure it is sending the right message: Buy Me Again!


The number one mistake we see our customers making when designing their packaging is that they don’t include their social handles or primary contact info. You want to make it frictionless for your customers to give you a shout out or reach you online. It also makes it easier for potential customers to follow you or research your brand on the spot. A QR code is a great way to drive them to a landing page designed specifically to close the sale.


For most ecommerce or retail brands, the economics are simple: surprising your customer with a $1 lapel pin and a $.10 sticker buys you WAY more than $1.10 worth of loyalty. We promise customers will love it and will post about it. You’ll also get the added bonus of some of them sporting your pin on their jacket or rocking your sticker on their bumpers.


Making your product useful is easier for some industries than others, but the idea can be applied to almost any product. The result is that your brand gets more visibility and gains value to your customer. Some examples are complex, like integrating a book of rolling papers into a box for cannabis flower, but others are quite simple, like printing word searches and other games on the shipping boxes of a children’s clothing company.


This rule probably provides the most measurable ROI, and like Rule #3, it can be implemented very simply or uniquely. The easiest way is to simply include a discount code for future purchases inside the packaging. More interesting strategies to drive repeat buys include adding loyalty coins or scratch offs for future redemption, or implementing a good ol’ fashioned punch card program. (BONUS: you can use a QR code to send customers to a digital punch card, which would also allow you to collect user data.)

If you are interested in brainstorming ways to implement these strategies into your packaging, feel free to reach out directly at or on IG @natesaysdoless.

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